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EM100 Energy Management System

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EM100 Energy Management System Intelligent Data Server & Controller Series

EM100 Energy Management System

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Enerwise EM100 is the industry's leading built-in WEB controller without requiring to subscribe to any CLOUD portal services, it works stand-alone!
  • No PC needed for the system
  • No internet required for data sending to CLOUD
  • No meters needed when used with CT's

Customizable Real-time Diagrams
Real-time diagrams or single-line diagrams can be fully customized via WEB settings to place various numeric objects on a single real-time display page. Numeric objects can be linked by users to any sensor or energy data or even calculated data from formulas.
Over Energy Use Alerts
Users can define a "warning" and "over" kWh energy limit for each category of loads. For example, when the lighting load kWh is reached, alarms and emails can be sent to alert the operator that lights were not turned off after office hours. Both "warning" and "over" limits can be set for all loads.
1 Min Sensor Recordings
EM100 can record sensor inputs from air and water/soil quality data, temperature data or electric current data every single 1 minute intervals. The function gives power to the user to see quick fluctuations of the environment and troubleshoots in detail.

Automatic Control
The innovative formula function let users define any conditions to turn ON/OFF equipment such as lights, fan, heating or air pumps via the relay output module. Pulse modulation or direct ON/OFF supported.

Creating Alarms with Formulas
Formulas are a flexible way for the operator to define alarm by email conditions or relay output conditions for a specific application. Almost all parameters read by power meters, sensors and time can be used as formula conditions.

Energy Categorization
Users can self-define various different categories of energy, for example: Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Process1, Motor or HVAC. Simply assign the meter or CT into any of the user defined categories to create reports and benchmarks. 4 different layers of categories can be set and filtered.

Creating Virtual Loads
No budget to install meters in every location? What about creating a virtual load by entering the kW rating of the load and the estimated running time. Or simply use formulas in our formula function to estimate this virtual load by another load that already has actual metering data.

Built-in WEB+CONTROL Technology
EM100 does not depend on the PORTAL to run! It operates as a stand-alone controller unit, which means the web display and control functions are real-time! No dependency on internet networks, no security concerns for sharing critical data to another 3rd party company.

Typical Usage Diagram:
Application Scenarios:

Powerful Report Builder:


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