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SWF 850

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SWF 850 Intelligent Data Server & Controller Series

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SWF850 is a all in one PV analyzer that acts as a data collector by connecting to devices that exist in a typical Solar Energy generating facility

Inverter protocols are read through the Ethernet or Serial port and events or data will be processed by SWF850 and the SolarWise Cloud Server.
String monitoring units SWF812 or SWF820 can be connected optionally as well to form a complete PV monitoring system via one powerful unit

Cloud or Internal WEB for monitoring
Cost effective options for PV operators to either sign up for SolarWise Cloud server or directly use the internal WEB server built-in to the SWF850 which doesn't require Cloud service.

SWF850 system is suitable for small size BIPV in commercial buildings, factory buildings or even <1MW solar farms.

  • Inverter Protocol integration, reading from Inverters
  • String monitors from array boxes integration
  • CLOUD server data processing and PV analysis

Alarms sent via Email to plant operators let's farm owners to have a peace of mind on plant operations availability. SWF850 generates critical maintenance tickets to the cloud server on any events caused by inverters, string array boxes or sensors.

Get in touch with our sales team to see which inverters are compatible

Expansion ports allow future expansions or any customized projects that require special attention

Data will be consistently sent via Internet for Cloud data hosting

Utilizes industrial metering design with key features specializing in PV monitoring:
• 256MB internal memory
• Linux Embeded WEB server with built-in WEB not requiring Cloud service
• Embedded Maintenance Ticketing system
• Relay output port that controls Disconnectors remotely to cut off power during problems
• DIN rail design mounts safely in any enclosures

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